Asset Management

Our owner's orientation is embedded in how we make real estate decisions. We endeavor to evaluate decisions and opportunities from multiple perspectives. We believe good investment decision-making requires the utmost of thoroughness and discipline. As a result, we buy with confidence and we operate in a professional, innovative and proficient manner.

  • Our history as a NYSE-traded company has given us the discipline to address and meet the applicable compliance and reporting requirements of a public company.
  • Exit strategies, tested with hold vs. sell analysis, are based on a focused management of the rent roll, capital improvements and the liquidity attributes of the market and the property itself.
  • Because of our experience in development, property renovation and day-to-day property management, we are also able to provide project management and construction supervision services as required.

Co-Investment Programs

Glenborough also offers co-investment opportunities on a selective basis. We provide a range of investment strategies with a variety of risk/return objectives tailored to the venture. In the past, we have partnered with institutional investors and pension funds. We view our responsiveness, accessibility and accountability as critical to being a valued partner.